My work broadly focuses on ecological concerns that are specifically related to waste, carbon emission, and energy consumption. Using plant-based materials (in particular, food scraps and food waste), I create bioplastic which is made into large sculptural forms and art installations. By using biodegradable materials derived from food waste in my work, I not only aestheticize or problematize the waste issue, I also contribute to its solution, by making materials that procure less waste, and pose little risk to the environment. To further extend the dialogue about waste with the public, I conduct social engagements, by inviting people into my studio to engage in my creative research with the bioplastic material as a way of generating learning, creative encounters, and ecological awareness. In so doing, I enable dialogue, narratives, and experience to intersect with my creative and material practice, in a way that is edifying, informative, and transformative for me and the participants.